Marty and Miller – Aug 31, Hour 3

Cubs talk with Jordan Bernfield, from 670 The Score in Chicago and Bill Bender gets us ready for week 1 in college football.

Marty and Miller – Aug 31, Hour 2

Jerry Crawford, Donegal racing partner, after their horse Keen Ice’s huge win at the Travers Stakes. Marc Morehouse from the Cedar Rapids Gazette talks Iowa vs. Illinois State this Saturday.

Marty and Miller – Aug 31, Hour 1

Voice of the UNI Panthers Gary Rima, as they get ready to travel to ISU Saturday night.

The Travers Stakes at Saratoga

Keen Ice the morning after beating American Pharoah

From the Inbox…

The biggest problem with the Cubs that absolutely nobody has picked up on is they don’t hit quality pitching – yeah most teams don’t but we are terrible at it – not a revelation on this west coast trip – been that way all year.

As for Rizzo he might as well be a gossip columnist at first base – We’re down 3 runs and this joker, who is supposed to be our leader, is holding his glove in front of his face to hide his smile while putting on a comedy routine with the opposing teams runner – who our pitcher just walked by the way – How are you going to win the NL central, Tony, as you predicted, when you are more concerned about laughing it up with opposing players than you are about your teammate who is struggling on the mound.

Rizzo needs a talking to – It is beyond the pail – He is not a leader

–Brad Hoffman

The only thing that can stop Usain Bolt

Marty and Miller – Aug 27, Hour 3

College Football talk with Bama Bob.

Marty and Miller – Aug 27, Hour 2

Ryan Van Bibber, NFL editor at SB Nation.

Marty and Miller – Aug 27, Hour 1

Steven M. Sipple from the Lincoln Journal Star and Paul Allen, Voice of the Vikings.