A Few Thoughts with Bob Ryan

Only in the Alice In Wonderland world of Madison Square Garden (Basketball Division), could one ridiculous off-the-court issue trump — perhaps I should pick a different verb — another.
The Carmelo Anthony-Phil Jackson whatever-it-is business is ridiculous enough. But that has fallen into second place in the ranking of utterly stupid and avoidable affairs transpiring at the building they pompously refer to as “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”  Now if were any other place in sports I would say that the Charles Oakley Ejection would be filed under the category of “Hold All Calls; We Have A Winner” for the rest of 2017. But with MSG and James Dolan, you never know.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Carmelo Anthony, or his game, I should say, but he has my full sympathy right now. He shouldn’t even be in New York to begin with. He probably should still be in Denver. It’s either that, or he should be in Chicago, a team that a couple off years ago needed him to make them a legitimate championship contender. But these are large gobs of toothpaste that aren’t ever going back into the tube. The issue right now is just how long he will remain in New York, and where could he go? Of course, he’s be somewhere else right now if Phil Jackson hadn’t given him a no-trade clause, which was just another example of Jackson’s ineptness as a basketball executive. Jackson the coach would have been furious with his GM had someone done that to him.

I’m sure you know by now that Jackson communicates by Twitter, not face-to-face dialogue. He has made it perfectly clear he currently has little respect for Anthony’s game . But he never has to explain himself to a fellow human being. No, he allows things to get out one way or another and Anthony has to stand there and respond to the latest indirect pronouncement from the team’s basketball boss. It’s pure lunacy.

The Oakley thing is a farce of a higher order. The background is that Oakley, a Knicks’ mainstay for a 10-year period in which they went to the playoffs every single year, and one of the most aggressive players in NBA history, has been a public critic of Garden pooh-bah James Dolan for some time.  As a result, he is basically persona non grata at the Garden. The Knicks act as if he had never suited up for them, excluding him from various team celebrations, including a planned 70th anniversary something or other bash coming up before the end off the season. Oakley says they stopped giving him tickets years ago. But there he was at the Garden the other night for their game with the Clippers, having purchased a ticket that, it just so happens, was located in proximity to Jimmy Dolan himself. Before the first quarter had concluded, Oakley was in both a verbal and physical confrontation with a whole gang of Garden Security operatives. He was ejected and even arrested, charged with three counts of assault and criminal trespass, all misdemeanors. Yes, he was released.

So what happened? It’s a classic He Said-She Said scenario. The Knicks say Oakley was verbally abusive to Dolan. There was even an intimation that Oakley was inebriated. Oakley denies this. He says he was approached by Security for no reason other than he was there, and he was close to Dolan. Here’s my thing: there were numerous. nearby witnesses. How can there be such confusion about what Oakley said or didn’t say?

That’s Part A. Part B is that in a “normal” reaction — i.e. the reaction anywhere else but Doian’s MSG — a lone security guy approaches Oakley to inform him he had better cut it out, if indeed he was doing anything at all. There’s no need to send a small army, which is what arrived at Oakley’s seat. There was massive overreaction on both sides. Oakley is a large, physically intimidating man, even at 53, and he did get very physical. He can’t be defended on that score. But the entire incident was preposterous, and it was initiated by Doian. Of that there is no doubt.

Dolan’s Garden is a nightmare. Reporters who displease Dolan have been pursued by security in the past. The Garden is a place where, shall we say, alternative facts, have been spewed out for years. Things go on there that go on nowhere else in this hemisphere, anyway.

The Knicks are a mess, and it all starts at the top. Jimmy Dolan simply does not know what he is doing. Anyone could have told him, and, I’m sure someone probably did, that just because Phil Jackson has 11 rings as a coach is no guarantee he would make a good executive. Oh, sure, he professed his love for the Knicks and a desire to honor the memory of the sainted Red Holzman, but he was never going to roll up his sleeves and do the necessary leg work and there was great reason to think it was all a money grab. Hey, for $12 million a year, any of us would say or do anything to get the gig.
The Knicks, meanwhile, are 44 years removed from a championship and 23 years removed from their last trip to the Finals. Their clientele deserves better.

Richard Drew/Associated Press

Richard Drew/Associated Press

Has major league baseball lost its mind? Could Joe Torre possibly be serious when he suggests baseball is considering reacting to the issue of excessively long games by beginning each extra inning with the team at bat placing a man on second base?

Stop! This is madness. And it does not address the real issue, which is not the existence of too many lengthy extra inning games, which are part of the sport and always should be, but the indispensable length of far too many nine-inning games.

First of all, I’ll bet anything that the majority of extra inning games are already settled in the 10th. And if I’m wrong, so be it. I don’t want the sport to be trivialized, as is college football. Yes, put me down as loathing the college football OT for the very simple reason that it’s not real football.

Does baseball need to take a look at the length of games? Absolutely. Baseball’s pace must be improved if it is to remain viable for the 21st century generation of sports consumers, whose sensibilities are far different than that of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. (Also mothers, grandmothers and great-great grandmothers). There are too many idiotic pitching changes, too many needless visits to the mound by catchers and too little general interest on the part of the participants to speed things up, because they wrongly believe the only people complaining about 4-hour nine inning games are members of the media with deadlines. That is false. That is, yes, an alternative fact if ever there was one. Fans do notice and fans do care and fans have to get up in the morning and go to work.
Changing the game into an alternative fact of a game, which is what this ludicrous proposal would do, is not the answer.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan has taken a lot of you-know-what for his play calling last Sunday night. He basically defends himself by saying he simply kept calling ‘em the way he had all year, and that was that. But this was a situation in which flexibility was necessary. A championship team prepares for any contingency, and one it had better be ready for was protecting a lead. There is no argument, none. Once Julio Jones made the grab that would have been the one play we’d have talked about from that game for the next 50 years, the only proper course of action was to run, run, run and then ask a skilled veteran named Matt Bryant to kick a simple field goal to give his team an impregnable 11-point lead that would have guaranteed a Super Bowl victory. By the way, one of the most intriguing aspects of that game is the fact that Jones’ four receptions were his only four targets, and that his average yards after catch was a half-yard. Yup, he was 4-for-4, with 2 yards after the catch, total. The Patriots really did a fantastic job on him, forcing him to make two highlight grabs out of four receptions.

On the great Terrell Owens Hall of Fame controversy, put me down as a Yes. I’d be more worried about allowing people who have broken the law than a guy who just acted like a jerk.


State Tournament Coverage on the Marty & Miller Radio Network

The Marty & Miller Radio Network will be bringing comprehensive coverage to the Iowa High School State Tournaments for wrestling, girl’s basketball and boy’s basketball to the airwaves and digitally on

1490 “The Jock” KXLQ along with 100.9 FM “The Cub” will be providing play by play coverage from the state tournaments starting with the state wrestling tournament at Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday, February 16th. Updates will also be provided during the “Marty & Miller” radio and television program on 1700 KBGG, 1490 “The Jock”, 100.9 “The Cub” and televised on Mediacom22.

Marty Tirrell, Trent Condon, John McDermott will provide play by play across the tournaments and basketball color commentary will come from former Iowa Hawkeye, Wade Lookingbill. You can also access the coverage online at,, along with the Marty & Miller app.

State Tournament coverage on the Marty and Miller Radio Network is presented by Grinnell Mutual Insurance along with Shottenkirk Chevrolet in Waukee and the new Shottenkirk Ford of Indianola.


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TC’s Top 10 – Iowa Boy’s Basketball Rankings 2/8/17


  1. Iowa City West (15-1)
  2. Waukee (16-3)
  3. Dubuque Senior (14-3)
  4. West Des Moines Valley (14-4)
  5. Des Moines Hoover (14-4)
  6. Bettendorf (14-4)
  7. Sioux City East (16-2)
  8. Dowling Catholic (14-4)
  9. Johnston (13-5)
  10. Des Moines North (13-5)



  1. Waverly Shell Rock (17-1)
  2. Mount Pleasant (17-2)
  3. Pella (17-2)
  4. West Delaware (17-0)
  5. Spirit Lake (16-3)
  6. Mount Vernon (13-4)
  7. Davenport Assumption (10-8)
  8. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (10-7)
  9. Storm Lake (12-5)
  10. Sioux City Heelan (11-5)



  1. Western Christian (17-2)
  2. Carroll Kuemper (18-2)
  3. Pella Christian (15-4)
  4.  Osage (19-1)
  5. Cascade Western Dubuque (19-2)
  6. Camanche (19-2)
  7. Van Meter (19-1)
  8. NE Goose Lake (17-4)
  9. Garner Hayfield-Ventura (19-1)
  10. Des Moines Christian (17-4)




  1. North Linn (20-0)
  2. Grand View Christian (20-1)
  3. Remsen St. Mary (19-0)
  4. Gladbrook-Reinbeck (19-2)
  5. Siouxland Christian (17-3)
  6. Lynnville Sully (19-1)
  7. Ar-We-Va (Westside) (20-0)
  8. West Fork (16-5)
  9. Don Bosco, Gilbertville (20-1)
  10. New London (16-3)

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A Few Thoughts with Bob Ryan


       There’s no such thing as a dull Belichick/Brady Super Bowl.
       The greatest coach/quarterback duo of all-time have been there seven times. The Patriots have won by 3,3,3,4 and 6. They have lost by 3 and 4, each in the final minute. They have lost to a miracle (e.g. Manning’s once-in-a-lifetime escape and Tyree’s catch in Super Bowl XLII) and won by a brain fart (e.g. Hey, Pete, give Marshawn the damn ball! in Super Bowl XLIX). They could easily be 7-0 or 0-7. After Sunday night, they are 5-2, thanks to the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Or biggest choke, depending on your point of view.
      There was a great deal of legacy talk in the run-up to Super Bowl LI. Well, the legacies are now cemented. With five Super Bowl triumphs stretched over three presidential administrations and eight Olympics, Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All-Time for you Social Security folks) among quarterbacks. Bill Belichick is the G.O.A.T among NFL coaches. They have prevailed over time. They have prevailed in a salary cap world in which turnover is enormous. But they have prevailed, one way or the other.
       Brady was magnificent when it counted, but he did not do it alone. James White had the game of his life, catching 14 passes for  110 yards while scoring three touchdowns, including the game-winner on which he was hit hard well short of the goal line but demonstrated great strength and determination to reach the Promised Land. Rookie Malcolm Mitchell came up very big with 6 catches for 70 yards, many of those grabs during the comeback. And, of course, Julian Edelman made a catch you can’t make at a most propitious moment. there was an offensive line that did the job in pass protection when it most mattered, and there was a defense that submitted a shutout in the second half and overtime.
    Not surprisingly, the Day After issue is that great modern phenomenon: whom shall we blame? Rather than celebrate the positive act of an historic comeback, many. many people are spewing venom at the Falcons, who are said to be choking dogs. After all, who loses a 25-point halftime lead in the Super Bowl? That’s never been done before.
    Of course, it hadn’t. That’s how it works. In sports or politics or entertainment, something is true until it’s not true. A retired B-movie actor can’t become President of the United States. But somehow Ronald Reagan managed to do it. Lavish Hollywood musicals are relics of the past. But “La La Land” has 14 Oscar nominations and may very well win Best Picture. And no one in Super Bowl history has come back to win from anything larger than a 10-point deficit. Oh, yes, they have.
      What is being lost in the sad vilification of the Falcons is that there has never been a noted sports comeback, in either a team or individual sport, in which the team coming from behind did not profit from the “mistakes” or “miscues” or “imperfections” of the opponent. We have all seen basketball comebacks. Yes, a team, is now making shots when previously they weren’t. But the other team starts missing, or turning it over or missing free throws (or being hosed by the refs; we’ll save that discussion for another day).  Just getting hot doesn’t matter if the other team is matching you. Baseball? I;’m sure more game-winning homers are hit on hangers or bad locations than off “pitcher’s pitches.” Mistakes are made and an opportunistic foe takes advantage.
       Did the Falcons mess up? Absolutely. Poor play-calling with a lead. Poor clock management. Poor execution. Matt, you must throw that ball away and avoid the strip-sack. There were lots of screw-ups by the Atlanta Falcons.
       But was there a guarantee the Patriots could capitalize? No, they had to go out and do it. Brady was Osweilerian in the first half. Yuck. But once he found his mojo he was the G.O.A.T in a way few QBs could have matched. Ask the TV QB analysts. They all marveled at the strength and accuracy of his fourth period and OT throws. Just because the Falcons were screwing up didn’t mean Brady was automatically going to throw for 276 yards, three TDs and no picks in the fourth quarter and OT. No, he had to go out and do it. Which he did.
        One more thing. In order to pull of this great, historic, epic, unforgettable comeback the Patriots had to succeed on two two-point conversions. Consider the fact that the league-wide conversion percentage of twos is less than 50 percent. They got them both, the first on a gorgeous direct snap to White (one of my companions immediately yelled out, “It’s the Faulk play!” remembering that we had first seen that when Kevin Faulk was the all-purpose New England back of choice). The second was a pass play to Danny Amendola, and that required a special effort to break the plane. Had either of those failed, we would not be having this particular session, you and me.
      An aside: I was at a home where there were two TVs, one on a slightly higher floor. with one exception — my wiife, bless her heart — the ladies were upstairs and the men were watching from the lower level. But the TV upstairs was a second or two ahead of ours, and so during the fourth quarter and OT we already knew downstairs that a Patriots play had gone well because of the screaming upstairs. That was pretty cool.
      Once again, it was the kind of experience not available to those among us who do not have sports at their personal entertainment smorgasbord.
      Lucky us.
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TC’s Top 10 – Iowa Boy’s Basketball Rankings 1/25/17


  1. Iowa City West (11-1)
  2. Dubuque Senior (11-2)
  3. Waukee (12-3)
  4. West Des Moines Valley (11-4)
  5. Sioux City East (12-1)
  6. Bettendorf (11-3)
  7. Dowling Catholic (11-3)
  8. Cedar Falls (9-4)
  9.  Cedar Rapids Kennedy (9-3)
  10. Johnston (10-4)

Image result for devontae lane iowa city west basketball


  1. Waverly Shell Rock (14-0)
  2. Pella (14-1)
  3. Mount Pleasant (13-2)
  4. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (8-5)
  5. Davenport Assumption (8-6)
  6. Mount Vernon (10-3)
  7. West Delaware (13-0)
  8. Dallas Center-Grimes (10-4)
  9. Storm Lake (10-3)
  10. Oskaloosa (8-5)

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  1. Western Christian (12-1)
  2. Carroll Kuemper (11-1)
  3. Cascade Western Dubuque (14-1)
  4.  Pella Christian (12-3)
  5. Osage (14-0)
  6. Camanche (14-2)
  7. Van Meter (15-0)
  8. Des Moines Christian (14-2)
  9. NE Goose Lake (13-2)
  10. Garner Hayfield-Ventura (14-1)

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  1. North Linn (15-0)
  2. Grand View Christian (13-1)
  3. Remsen St. Mary (12-0)
  4. New London (14-1)
  5. Siouxland Christian (13-2)
  6. Gladbrook-Reinbeck (11-2)
  7. Lynnville Sully (15-1)
  8. Murray (14-0)
  9. Ar-We-Va (Westside) (16-0)
  10. Britt, West Hancock (12-2)

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Photo courtesy of Sarah Urich (IAWrestle)

Media Changes at Iowa High School State Tournaments

Photo courtesy of Sarah Urich (IAWrestle)


With the state wrestling tournament just weeks away, changes to the media structure for the Iowa High School Boys State Tournaments has come to light. At the forefront of these changes is the media rights holder for the state tournaments for football, boy’s basketball, wrestling, track and baseball, The Iowa High School Sports Network.

To start, the IHSSN, not the Boy’s Association will be the one handling credentialing for media members at these events. That’s a concern when a media entity is controlling media access. But a larger growing concern from small town newspapers across the state is that print media will have to shoot pictures from behind barriers. Concerns about unobstructed views and limited room from these journalists has been mentioned.

The print media is also being moved into a press holding pen while their wrestlers aren’t competing. In the hallways below Wells Fargo Arena, they can watch the other action on television, not live from mat side as in past years.

These concerns may seem trivial to some. But for the small towns across Iowa, the local newspaper is their lifeline to finding out about how the wrestlers are doing and the pictures that are captured mat side bring some amazing moments. I still remember seeing a picture of Osage’s Mark Schwab in the Mitchell County Press News after winning his 4th state championship for only the 6th time in state history back in 1985. It’s disappointing that the journalists that cover these athletes will have to compete for space to capture these moments.

For the football, basketball, track and baseball state tournaments, this doesn’t appear to be a very big issue. The biggest issue will be with the wrestling tournament. If the barriers aren’t too restricting and the areas are large enough, this may very well turn out to be much ado about nothing. But their is one large issue at play for many across the state of Iowa; the IHSSN having their events on Comcast Chicago exclusively.

For those with DirecTV and Dish Network, this is not an issue. If they are part of your basic package, you’re good to go. If they aren’t, you can still purchase the sports pack for these satellite providers and you will find the state tournaments. But for those that have Mediacom and many other cable providers across the state, you’re out of luck unless Comcast Chicago is part of your package. To many in Central and Western Iowa, that means that you cannot watch these boys state tournaments.

In the end, the IHSSN has done many great things for the student athletes is providing more coverage across the state tournaments. This year, you can stream the 1st round and quarterfinal matches online, something that has never been available before. For the nominal fee of $9.95, you will be able to see all of these matches along with the Dual State Tournament. Football Semifinal games at the UNI-Dome, early match ups in basketball and baseball and track coverage that has never been available before are now available. For many that can’t make the trek to Des Moines early in the week, this is a godsend. I’m hopeful that the print journalists will be able to continue to do their jobs without major obstacles. And down the line it would be great to see statewide coverage for these tournaments for those that don’t have Comcast Chicago. We’ll see if this is just us media types blowing things out of proportion; it has happened before! In 4 weeks, we’ll all find out.

A few links with more thoughts on the topic for your reading pleasure:


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TC’s Top 10 – Iowa HS Basketball Rankings 1/16


  1. Iowa City West (8-1)
  2. Dubuque Senior (9-1)
  3. Cedar Rapids Kennedy (9-1)
  4. Waukee (9-2)
  5. Sioux City East (10-0)
  6. West Des Moines Valley (9-3)
  7. Cedar Falls (7-3)
  8. Dowling Catholic (8-3)
  9. Bettendorf (9-2)
  10. Johnston (8-3)

Image result for devontae lane iowa city west basketball



  1. Waverly Shell Rock (12-0)
  2. Pella (10-1)
  3. Mount Pleasant (10-1)
  4. Sergeant Bluff-Luton (8-4)
  5. Davenport Assumption (7-4)
  6. Mount Vernon (8-2)
  7. Charles City (9-1)
  8. Spirit Lake (9-2)
  9. Oskaloosa (7-4)
  10. Dallas Center-Grimes (9-2)

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  1. Pella Christian (10-1)
  2. Western Christian (10-1)
  3. Cascade Western Dubuque (11-0)
  4. Camanche (12-1)
  5. Carroll Kuemper (9-1)
  6. Osage (12-0)
  7. Sheldon (11-1)
  8. Van Meter (11-0)
  9. NE Goose Lake (10-1)
  10. Des Moines Christian (10-2)

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  1. North Linn (11-0)
  2. New London (11-0)
  3. Grand View Christian (11-1)
  4. Remsen St. Mary (10-0)
  5. Siouxland Christian (10-2)
  6. Gladbrook-Reinbeck (8-1)
  7. West Fork (9-2)
  8. Lynnville Sully (12-1)
  9. Murray (12-0)
  10. Ar-We-Va (Westside) (13-0)

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Marty and Miller – Jan. 11, Hour 3

Nick Athan from on the Chiefs.


CIML 2nd Half Boy’s Basketball Preview

Winter break is upon the high school sports scene and it’s shaping up to be one of the best races across the CIML in boy’s basketball. Without a dominant team and plenty of depth, the CIML appears to be wide open as we move to 2017. Today, we look at the the teams in each division as we move to the 2nd half of the year and give a predicted finish.

CIML Central

1. West Des Moines Valley (6-2) 

The defending 4A champion Tigers are off to a solid start without the services of All State center Quinton Curry, who tore his ACL during the summer. Curry is back going through some drills and has an opportunity to be back with the team before the end of the regular season. Charley Crowley has been solid inside, Austin Hinkle is a dynamic athlete and scorer and Luke Sueppel has done a good job running the point. The Tigers have a great chance at making another run to the state tournament lead by head coach BJ Windhorst.

Image result for quinton curry

2. Waukee (5-2)

Waukee has dropped a pair of 1 possession games on the road at Mason City and Ames. The Warriors are lead to Drew Johnson on the perimeter and a big leap out of junior Nathan Johnson. Jacob Rau patrols the middle and gives Waukee a solid post presence while sophomores Noah Hart and Dylan Jones have plenty of upside for a team that can make a big run come March.

3. Ames (5-2)

The Little Cyclones have plenty of pieces to make a run to Wells Fargo Arena. The only losses in 2016 came on the road in West Des Moines at Dowling and Valley. Joe Evans continues his solid play inside, but the player that can push Ames to the next level is Chuol Chuol. The 6’3 senior has get to the rim and has hit 12 of 17 3 pointers on the year.

4. Ankeny (4-3) 

The Hawks went into winter break off a tight win against crosstown rival Centennial 56-55. Drew Maschoff leads the Hawks, putting up over 22 points per game. The question remains inside on the depth on the interior for Ankeny.

Image result for drew Maschoff

5. Ankeny Centennial (4-3) 

Sharp shooting senior Connor Kasperbauer leads the Jaguars into the new year. Hunter Strait has provided another weapon for the Jags over the past 2 games, putting up 10.5 points per contest. Centennial has a number of tough road games in the 2nd half of the season, including match ups at Ames, Roosevelt, Valley, Ankeny and Waukee.

6. Southeast Polk (1-6)

The rebuild continues for the Rams basketball program. The team lacks firepower to keep up with the elite of the CIML on the offensive end. 5 of the top 6 scorers will be back for next season, so it will be a year of development and growth for the Rams leading into 2017-18.


1. Dowling Catholic (6-1) 

Junior Sam Ingoli has taken his game to the next level and gives the Maroons a chance to be a team to be reckoned with come March. Joey Kern can fill up the stat sheet and John Waggoner is a physical low post threat. This team can grind with the best teams in the state.

Image result for sam ingoli

2. Johnston (4-2)

I’ve liked what I’ve seen from the Dragons to this point. Dawson Jones has dedicated himself to playing inside more and has filled out in his 6’7 frame. As a team, Johnston has only hit 28% of their 3s. With plenty of options to knock down those shots, I expect to see that number increase and the Dragons make a nice run in the 2nd half of the year.

3. Fort Dodge (4-2)

Fort Dodge is off to another solid start his year lead by Malcolm and Solomon Clayton. The Dodgers have winnable road games in the back half of the schedule and has a chance for a good seed come postseason play.

4. Mason City (5-2)

The Mohawks are lead by an elite scorer in Kyle Lang and picked up a really nice victory over Waukee. The Mohawks lead the division in scoring and 3 pointers. The back half of the schedule is loaded though and Mason City will have to be ready to go each and every night.

Image result for kyle lang mason city

5. Urbandale (4-3)

The depth of this division shows with the J-Hawks showing up in the #5 spot in the power rankings. Urbandale has 3 players averaging double digits per game with Trevor Miller (15.3), Grant Garwood (12.0) & Eric Milewsky (10.2). Garwood is just a sophomore and this team has a chance to really make improvements in 2017.

6. Marshalltown (1-6) 

Here’s to a fresh start for the Bobcats in 2017.

CIML Metro

1. Des Moines North (5-3)

It’s a 3 team race for the top spot in the Metro division and I like to Polar Bears to take the top spot. The have a win in hand against Hoover already and get the Huskies at home in the return game, along with 2 games vs. Roosevelt. Tyreke Locure is one of top players in the 2019 class and has put up big numbers. He struggled in the game I called against Johnston with his shot and with jawing with officials. That needs to be reigned in if North is going to reach their peak.

Image result for tyreke locure

2. Des Moines Hoover (4-3)

As expected, it’s another top flight defensive effort from Courtney Henderson’s Huskies. Douglas Wilson is a beast inside and they have a nice group of perimeter players to surround him. It might not always be pretty, but Hoover will be a tough out come March.

3. Des Moines Roosevelt (5-2)

The Roughriders are off to a nice start under Charles Zanders and are playing excellent on the defensive end. Ethan Shafer has really taken the leap in his senior year and has been confident with his shot throughout the year. I love the energy that 5’5 dynamo Sundiata Edwards provides, he’s one of my favorites to watch in the CIML.

Image result for Sundiata Edwards

4. Des Moines East (1-5)

The Scarlets haven’t found the winner circle often yet, but I expect that to change in 2017. East has 4 scorers in Daires Adems (12.5 PPG), George Dantzler (11.2) & Cameron Cramer (10.2) & Camet Soe (9.3). Expect to see some upsets from East in the new year.

5. Des Moines Lincoln (0-7)

It’s been a rough year at the Round House for the Railsplitters. They needs to have Nick Oliver find his outside stroke in 2017 to make a push.

6. Ottumwa (1-6)

A lot of youth fill the line up for the Bulldogs including sophomores Andrew Curran and Sam Yeaway. Expect to see improvements as the season moves on.


Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand Predictions for 2017

John Ourand from Sports Business Journal joined Marty & Miller today. You can listen to the podcast on the “Best of Marty & Miller.”

Here is John’s column on predictions in sports media for 2017: