Marty & Miller Announce Increased Digital Platform

martyandmillerMarty & Miller are excited to announce an expanded digital platform for the “Marty & Miller” program. Marty and Miller will continue their partnership with Mediacom with their live show Monday – Friday from 3:00 – 6:00 on Mediacom Channel 22/HD 822 and will be providing daily podcasts of the show across Stitcher and iTunes.


“Our research has shown that AM radio was not reaching the desirable 25-54 age demographic in the way that we wanted. We are looking to increase our presence to that demo while providing the great sports talk format that has been a part of the Des Moines market for 21 years with Marty & Miller,” Marty Tirrell said.

The show will continue with it’s hard hitting sports commentaries along with story lines that matter across the state of Iowa and the Midwest. Trent Condon will expand his role in the 5-6 pm hour with a dedicated look at the Iowa high school sports scene along with Iowa colleges. “Trent has grown a great following and knows the high school scene as well as anybody. We are excited to bring him aboard in an increased role to expand our coverage of the high school sports and the local colleges with an emphasis on the Big Ten, Big 12 and Missouri Valley conferences,” said Tirrell. “We’re very excited about this new realm in broadcasting and we’re looking to hit it out of the park with our high school and Iowa college sports coverage.”


The show will continue to stream on and you can watch the show live at for those that don’t have Mediacom. The show will also continue to be on Sirius/XM 93/203 on “Sports Overnight American” with the Sports Byline Radio Network. You can upload the daily podcasts each hour through the Stitcher app and on I-Tunes. You can download the show through the Stitcher app here:

“Ken & I were late to the digital party, but we are excited about this new venture. We may be late, but we’ll be the last to turn out the lights,” said Tirrell.